Did you ever stop to wonder if men and women actually have the same standing in this world? Or are women in a lower position and should be subservient to men? The story of creation and related ideas and beliefs may have effected a perception of where woman’s place is vis a vis man’s. It is perhaps understandable if many accept the superiority of man to a certain degree. It may be due to religious teachings relating to the creation of humankind as well as the practices of communities as societies evolved and developed. While there may not be ample proof that physical characteristics have put women in certain positions, people may have just accepted these for the length of time that they believed such. Thus, motherhood is a vivid example of this.
Throughout history, women’s capabilities of childbearing and rearing have put them in their place in the home. From the ancient societies, where women stayed at home, received no formal education, and had little power, the passing of time entailed changes in most aspects of life. The gradual shift in the role of women may have arisen as economies prospered and countries needed to effect changes as part of the development process.
With growth and development, obvious indeed is the need for societies to maximize its human resources, to make them capable and productive, to be able to fill in gaps in the employment sector. Women need to come to the fore to help in shaping the future of their own countries. There is a need to empower them to catch up with the demands of development. Education is a must as this is a good asset that pushes women in a comparable and equal footing with the male counterparts. While formal schooling and a diploma may not be within easy reach for some, the government can provide much-needed support by way of free education even at the lower level and subsidies at the tertiary level, especially for the deserving students. When this dream of many women is realized, that is, getting a degree, chances of getting good employment are higher and can even catapult them to higher positions usually held by men.
Women, particularly those who cannot get a degree or have other interests, may also be empowered through training. Vocational-technical skills training allows women to enter non-traditional courses or those usually enrolled by men. Today, we may see women who become welders, lathe machine operators and many other occupations often held by men. Being skilled allows women to be on equal footing with their male counterparts and be able to earn as much as them.
Various reforms have also paved the way for women to enter politics. They are able to put their passion into viable, meaningful projects for their constituents. In time, as they become more experienced in handling political situations, their exposure hones their abilities to also become leaders. In the world of sports, there are females in basketball, boxing, weightlifting and several others.
The empowerment of women is a means to achieve gender equality. This allows employers to have a wider range of choice in the hiring process. It helps them address discrimination issues. The country stands to benefit also because its human resources who are capable and even devoted grow in number. More importantly, this portion of the population, the women, can become not only productive but also contented and happy.
Who would not want to see Eve happy?

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