Interracial marriage is most common nowadays. It may not mostly be romantic and ideal since some couples would contract a marriage for practical reason, convenience or even business. For example, a migrant engages with a citizen of a country to help legalize his or her stay by fixing a marriage on paper for a certain fee. Once the marriage is legalized, after a few months they get a divorce. There are admirable cases, of course, of couples who really marry for love.
As we know it, modern technology contributes to the sprout of relationships through the social media. Getting to know stage at this instance may not have been fully experienced so that in later married life, issues come to the fore.
In mixed marriage, the other term for interracial marriage, couples have to go through church or government requirements. In living together the couples may go through personal issues and some misunderstanding or differences. Much to the surprise of some, though, interracial marriage couples toughed it out till their golden years or beyond.
5 strategies to overcome interracial marriage challenges
Open communication
Just the way couples started out while dating online or in person, they should have open communication at home. Both have to be personal and honest about their feelings and prejudices without unduly causing animosity. The partner can be at their best or worst with the other but love should be the yardstick at all times.
Culture adaptation
There are differences in culture and upbringing. Both sides have to balance it out. For example, in the case of which traditions to follow at home, it is best that partners lay out their differences and make some adaptation of each other’s beliefs or practices. A Thanksgiving tradition of one could be mixed with the Christmas tradition of the other. It is best that both enjoy and appreciate each other’s culture and tradition and make some adjustments. They can always agree on what religion to practice for their family.
Shared parenting
In the case of parental roles, the responsibility must be shared. The parents must take turns in caring for the children if both are working. Family relationship must be nurtured with love and generosity. The home must always be one that each member is happy to be with family all the time.

Financial management
A couple must have a common budget and financing scheme for family expenses and that no one is left to handle the financial worries alone. Each one should discuss financial issues and contribute to the common fund. In this way, even children are trained in financial management.
Retirement plan
It should be openly discussed with family members the retirement plan for the parents as they get to old age. As early as children are made aware of their responsibilities for the elderly, the better it is for the family. The couple must plan and prepare for a comfortable retirement that will enable them to enjoy their waning years together, for better or for worse.

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